How To Start A GlobalGiving Fundraiser!

This lesson will teach you how to create a fundraiser on the GlobalGiving website!

1. Get Started! Go to the GlobalGiving Home Page

Your first step will be to go to the GlobalGiving Home Page ( and choose the "Get Involved" tab.

2. Choosing to make a fundraiser

Once you are on the "Get Involved" page you will see two locations to start a fundraiser - One on the left had side of the page, below the tabs. Another will be on the right hand side of the page at the top of the right column.

3. Create your fundraiser!

Now that you have reached the fundraiser page, there are three important things to look for: 1: Where you name your fundraiser. 2. Whether or not you want to share your fundraiser information with the partner(s) you're supporting. We recommend this so our parnter(s) can support your work too! and 3. What kind of fundraiser you're creating!

4. Name your Fundraiser and choose a type

So enter your catchy fundraiser name (probably something more unique than "My New Fundraiser"), choose whether or not you want to share your information with our nonprofit partner, and decide what kind of fundraise you want to create! This will automatically take you to your new fundraiser page!

5. Some Extra information on What you're doing

Some types of fundraiser require some extra information - your spouse's name, the type of athletic event you're doing, or your organization's name. You'll see the field for this at the bottom of the page. Remeber to click submit!

6. Are you Logged in?

If this screen comes up, never fear! It just means that you either haven't logged into your GlobalGiving account, or that you don't have one yet. Please be sure to either login, or create a new account in order to complete your fundraiser.

7. Adding a project to your fundraiser!

Once you login or submit your fundraiser you will come to our project listings! There are two ways you can then search for a project: 1. Using the fliters on the left hand side you can search for project by location, theme and much more! or 2. You can search familiar words, the name of the organization or the title of the project. Please be sure to 3. Click the orange button that says "add to fundraiser" in order to add it to your fundraiser page!

8. Getting back to your page or adding more fundraisers!

After you have added a fundraiser to your page you will see this message and links to either 1. Return to your fundraiser page or 2. Undo your selection. You can also continue to use the filters and search boxes to add more projects to your page.

9. Your Fundraiser Page

If you click on the "your fundraiser page" link you will come here - Now you have a fundraiser page! Congratulations! On your new page you'll see some options to edit the fundraiser such as: 1. Change your fundraiser photo! Do you have a photo of you you'd like to share? 2. Don't want to show off your fundraiser yet? Maybe you want to start over or add more projects? These three links help you add projects, hide your page or delete it. 3. Edit your fundraiser! This is where you click to edit your "About" section, set funding goals, or change the title of the fundraiser. finally 4. You'll notice the project you selected listed here. If you have more than one, they'll show up in thumbnails beneath. 5. The donation options from the selected fundraiser auto-fill in here allowing your supporters to see what their gifts support, and finally. 6. You can always go here to share this fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, or email it to a friend to ask for some support!

10. Editing your Fundraiser

If you click on "Edit your Fundraiser" you will come to this page. Here there are many things you can do to persionalize your page. 1. You can change the title 2. You can change what will appear in the page's URL link to reflect what you would like. 3. You can tell us your story! Tell the world why you feel this project is important, what connected you to them, or what inspires you to help them. This is where you can motivate others to support your cause! 4. Set a funding goal! Sometimes having a goal can motivate people to support more so that you can reach your goal.

Some of these pages can look different and ask for more inforamtion if you're doing a registry, athletic event, and a few others. None of this information is mandatory - fill in what you want!

Finally, don't forget to "submit" any changes you make!

11. Now you have a completed Fundraiser Page!

Now that you've edited your project - and added a photo - you have a fully completed fundraiser page! Congratulations!

12. Alternative way to add a project

There is a second way to add a project to a fundraiser! If you already know the project and you want to go straight to their page you can also make a fundraiser from there.

13. Alternative way to add a project pt. 2

Scroll down to just past the second orange donate button and you will see this green fundraiser button. Click on this and you will be prompted to start a fundraiser, or add this project to a current one!

14. Sharing the URL

You can share your personalized URL that is listed in the address bar!

15. Returning to your fundraiser

If you lose your page, never fear! You can always access your fundraiser page by going to your GlobalGiving profile. Simply choose "my profile" from the top right of the page. Then you'll see your list of tabs, and the last one is "Fundraisers & Registries." Choose this and you'll be able to revisit your GlobalGiving fundraiser!

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